Commenting Guidelines

We are a Catholic blog, but welcome comments from all. Comments will be strictly moderated according to the following guidelines, so please read carefully!

Staying on topic:

Please stay on topic with the books (and particular parts of books) being discussed. We are particularly trying to avoid hot-button issues distracting from the subject matter at hand.

Appropriate tone:

We could call this Charitable+. Not only do comments need to be charitable and respectful of EVERYONE (no name calling, etc.), but also helpful, constructive, gentle, and humble. We hope to offer, not a soap-box for telling people how to live their lives, but a peaceful place where they can find inspiration, ideas, personal experience, etc. In other words, we will not accept comments that are judgmental or disrespectful in tone.

What about questions or disagreements?

We welcome questions, different points of view and disagreements, provided that it falls within the "Staying on Topic" guidelines and the "Appropriate Tone" guidelines. When disagreement comes up, keep in mind that tone becomes particularly critical. Take your time and try to approach the comment in a prayer, humble manner.

How much "personal" is too personal?

We are particularly concerned about not criticizing spouse or kids in this public forum (though more general things such as "Does anyone have ideas for getting teenagers on board with such-and-such?" should be okay).

Please be thoughtful about not sharing more personal details about yourself than you should. Please keep personal safety and prudence in mind here.

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