Wednesday, November 7, 2012

100 Things You Can Do to the Make the Country More Pro-Life (and Catholic) No Matter Who is President

Not trying to get into a political discussion here, just an opportunity to remind ourselves what we are capable of regardless of the political situation. The list is not in any particular order...

"Keep the joy of loving the Poor and share this joy with all you meet. Remember: Works of love are works of peace." - Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

1. Respond with Love.
2. In particular, keep the post-election conversations charitable.
3. Have children (and read about "The Roe Effect").
4. Support cool pro-life organizations like Save the Storks.
5. Talk to people. Keep it simple. Don't try to fix everything at once.
6. Work on your prayer life and your relationship with God.
7. Watch how you talk about other people - especially people you don't like.
8. Support the disabled.
9. Recognize what is good in others (and in our country and in our culture) and thank God.
10. Cut back on expenditures to share with others.
11. Donate to a pregnancy help center (a car seat or even a baby blanket can save a life).
12. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, food pantry or other outlet for the needy.
13. Live your life as a reaction to Christ's love for you, not a reaction to the culture or the current political situation.
14. Live what you believe.
15. Pray for our politicians and for our country.
16. Remember that it's not all up to you - you just need to do your part with love and leave the rest up to God.
17. Make friends with people outside your political or religious circles.
18. Cultivate joy in your family and in your community.
19. Adopt a baby or become a foster parent.
20. Help your parish become more life friendly.
21. Encourage each other!
22. Be Not Afraid!
23. Sponsor a needy child overseas (through organizations such as Caritas for Children).
24. Challenge yourself to be a better Christian.
25. Forgive someone who has hurt you.
26. Be a good witness to the Faith.
27. Love those who are suffering.
28. Donate your used belongings to organizations like the St. Vincent de Paul Society.
29. Don't just vote pro-life: think pro-life and act pro-life (to every person you encounter!).
30. Don't despair at what is going wrong with our world - find what you can make better (and do it!).
31. Empower others with hope.
32. Stock your car with "Blessing Bags" to give to the needy.
33. "Replace Them".
34. Love Your Neighbor.
35. Share your gifts with others.
36. Be understanding, loving and helpful to those who have gotten themselves into desperate situations.
37. Cultivate hope in your own life.
38. Donate uplifting books about children with Down Syndrome (or other disabilities) to your public library.
39. Visit the lonely, the sick, and the elderly.
40. Tutor a disadvantaged or special needs child.
41. Be generous.
42. Be humble.
43. Be gentle.
44. Be patient.
45. Be polite.
46. Be friendly.
47. Be cheerful.
48. Be fair-minded.
49. Do good to those who can do nothing for you in return.
50. Read and live the Gospel.
51. Make a special point of helping out single moms or parents who care for a disabled child.
52. Don't take yourself too seriously.
53. Frequent the sacraments.
54. Don't let hatred interfere with necessary disagreement.
55. Study Catholic social teaching.
56. Smile at people you don't know and say hello.
57. Read (and share) the inspiring stories of great pro-life, pro-people saints like Blessed Mother Teresa, St. Damien of Molokai, and St. Frances Cabrini.
58. Support marriages by getting involved with mentoring or marriage prep ministries in your parish.
59. Learn about NFP so you can talk about it intelligently.
60. Give people the benefit of the doubt.
61. Learn more about the "why" of what you believe.
62. Read the Catechism.
63. Appreciate people for who they are, rather than who they aren't.
64. Listen.
65. Respect science and reason.
66. Embrace those who want to help even if they haven't got it all figured out.
67. Embrace the beauty of human imperfection.
68. Get to know your neighbors.
69. Be a friend.
70. Study history.
71. Stop worrying so much about the speck in your neighbor's eye.
72. Be the change you desire.
73. Realize that some words really should be eliminated from our vocabulary.
74. Support people who have miscarried in mourning the loss of a baby.
75. Support organizations that help the surviving victims of abortion, like Project Rachel.
76. Support good schools.
77. Have a sense of humor.
78. Let some of your gift-giving be to the benefit of the needy in the name of a loved one.
79. Assume good intentions.
80. Don't forward political garbage (check to be sure, but also watch the tone!).
81. Cultivate an atmosphere of appreciation.
82. Meet people where they are.
83. Make volunteer work an important part of your family's extracurricular activities.
84. Slow down.
85. Treat people as people.
86. Be aware of God's great love.
87. Get involved at your local parish.
88. Make distinctions (like between essential and non-essential).
89. Be willing to honestly critique your "side", your political party, your candidate, your favorite media. (Great example here.)
90. Practice hospitality.
91. Support your local priests and seminarians.
92. Pray for those on death row.
93. Don't let your political party do your thinking for you or define who you are.
94. Don't hide your light under a bushel basket.
95. Be where you can make a difference.
96. Remember that politics is not *the thing*.
97. Love God.
98. Love your kids.
99. Kiss your spouse. :)
100."Pray, hope and don't worry." (Padre Pio)

"Little things done out of love are those that charm the Heart of Christ… On the contrary, the most brilliant deeds, when done without love, are but nothingness." - St. Therese of Lisieux


  1. This is beautiful and exactly along the lines of what I have been thinking. Thanks for spelling it out!

  2. beautiful! may I repost on my blog? i will include a link and citing, of course.

  3. Thanks Faith and Lena. And Lena - of course you may! :)

  4. A friend of mine wasn't able to post a comment, but would like to make this suggestion:

    "Give out minimum of 10 sincere thank yous, 10 smiles AND 10 hugs to different people every day you come in contact with. Say 'I love you' 10 times a day to different people."

    Not a bad suggestion! Thanks Shari!!!

  5. Beautiful! Thanks for the post!

  6. This is a wonderful me some great ideas (I'm going to print this in the parish bulletin with a link to you)

  7. Thank you for all your kind feedback! :)

  8. Great list Mrs. V.H.!! I printed it out and am going to try and accomplish as many as these as possible to do at my age!! Thank you!!!

  9. priest's wife - Thank you so much. I am honored!

    Jojo - Thanks for the comment - you totally made my day. Yeah, and I suppose you should wait a few years on the spouse one. ;) Mr. VH made me put that one in. :)

  10. Great list, Alicia! Thank you!
    Maybe you could link to the "Read the Catechism in a Year" site for #62?

  11. Thanks ScienceMom! I had heard about "Read the Catechism in a Year" but hadn't had a chance to check it out. I have now both checked it out and linked it (and may even sign up too). :)

  12. Lovely list Alicia, truly words to live by.
    ~Mary Ellen